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What does it take to have a Podcast? An idea. Whether the aim is to increase the exposure of a business and grow an audience, to share information and opinion, or to tell great stories - there’s a podcasting solution.

Bespoken Podcasting provides a service to businesses, organisations, and individuals to create international standard, quality podcasts - whether it’s for a monthly newsletter, weekly series, or infrequent casts as and when you make them.

If you want to gain clients by showcasing your expertise, spread ideas and start a discussion, or tell stories - whatever you’d like to share with the world, there’s a Podcast for that!

Hello! I’m Adam, I studied Audio Engineering in Cape Town, South Africa, and have a little over 10 years experience in post-production audio - editing, sound design, mixing, and mastering.

Editing and Mixing a podcast can be time-consuming, and frustrating - and sometimes, after spending a lot of time on an edit, it can somehow sound worse. Loudness levels out of whack, edited dialogue sounding jarring and unnatural, sound distorting, clicks, pops, lip smacks, weird heavy breathing… As your podcast editor, I’ll fix as many of these issues as possible for you, and more!

The services I provide are tailored to your needs, for each step of the production process - from Podcast Launch Assistance, Editing, Mixing & Mastering, writing Show Notes, to uploading and publishing. I can manage the editing and mixing for you, giving competitive results, making your podcast sound better - saving you time and energy, so that you can focus on what you want to be doing, Podcasting!

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