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Bespoken Podcasting provides the following production services:

If you’re just starting out on your podcasting adventure, but don’t know which mic is right for you? Or which Hosting platform will meet your needs? How to get your podcast on iTunes and all the other places? I’m here for you!

I’ll help source equipment that’s in your budget, techniques to get the best possible sound from your recordings and interviews, help setup your hosting service and send out RSS links to the various syndication sites, and help you get the ball rolling!

I’ve put together a few kits for podcasting on Kit.com to give an idea of what equipment you might need, depending on your podcasting requirements.

Have a question? Drop me an email here.

Creating smooth flowing listening content by…

• Cutting out mistakes, hesitations, repetitions, reducing long pauses, topping and tailing recordings
• Removing/reducing background noises, e.g. AC hum, or cellphones beeping
• Applying Equalization to remove problematic frequencies, and improving the tonal balance of the audio
• Balancing the dynamic levels of the audio - no loud bangs, no inaudible whispers
• Mixing in introductions, music, advertising placements, outros to the main podcast content
• Increasing the final level of the audio to -16LUfs EBU R128 podcasting broadcast standard

Show Notes provide a brief description of the podcast episode, helping with search optimisation on the various syndication platforms. Show Notes can also include:

• Links to relevant information mentioned in the episode, and social media
• Timestamps, or “chapter markers” to help listeners navigate the audio
• Credits, Sponsors information, etc